Patterns within Patterns

We are facsimiles of the larger. Fractal patterns within fractal patterns.

If this is indeed so, we might well ask…

What is our situational assessment at this moment?

What is the state our health? As an individual and as a community?

What is our relationship to power? 

To safety?

Is our health maintenance and increase – mental, emotional, spiritual, physical – a dedicated part of our life? If not, what might we do to make it so?

Do we believe that we have ultimate power over how we respond to what ever shows up?

Do we believe that we can, as an individual and a collective, make a difference? Or do we feel insignificant?

And how do we feel about risk? About safety? Are we terrified to live? Because we fear death?

What is our relationship to death? Do we invest all we can in eternal youth, do we remove the old from sight? Do we fear death so much that we literally do not live our lives out loud? 

We live in a world where we have given up, ever so slowly, and therefore almost unnoticed, our rights to risk, adventure, and all that comes when the safety harness of insurance, regulation, policing, and over-protection are removed.

Our children are wrapped so tightly in cotton wool. Fear is the background wind of their existence. Climbing trees and riding bikes to school, leaving home in the morning and not returning till eve are no longer options.

Our situational assessment generally is as follows. 

We are in a terrible state of health, we have a skewed relationship to power, and we are in fear of risk, death and anything that threatens our safety. 

We have handed our rights to risk and adventure to an authority.

Like the animals raised in cages, when the cage comes down, do we know how to live?

Thrown into this mix now is a virus. Not the first, definitely not the last.

The question…will we respond with increased fear, with more regulation, more restriction, increased atomisation and isolation?

Or will we allow the alchemy of the virus to restore us to a partnering and play with life, our home planet, risk, adventure, death, and each other?

The question, posed is the future we seek to animate?

March 30th 2020

Photo taken March 30th, 2020