Percolation Perturbation -The creative process

The creative process for me goes something like this;

Ingredients come together. Often from seemingly random places. A conversation, listening to a podcast, watching a movie….

Many times, the ingredients do not look related. Creativity has not yet connected them. They are like unstructured data. Atomised units.

But percolation begins. Life is yeasty, bubbly. Fermentation happens on its timeline, often without our input.

We might apply perturbation…a pressure to create. Or the pressure might be applied from the environment we are in. A deadline. A constraint.

This part of the process is messy. It feels like I am going around in circles…that not much is happening. My day feels unproductive. A sense of frustration is evident.

The fermentation is happening. The brew is coming alive.

And then…boom. Whole streams of creativity arrive. Just like that. But not just like that. The process required all of the stages.

Next time I am in the percolation perturbation stage, I might recognise it for what it is. 

Essential to birthing.

January 11th 2020

Photo taken January 11th 2020