“People who count shiny objects are generally not invited to count anything else.” Dr. David Martin, January 11th, 2015, Gold Coast

On the 9th January 2015 25 people from around the world came together on the Gold Coast for a three day workshop with Dr. David Martin, to learn and experience the principles of Integral Accounting.

Almost everyone knows that our current system is broken. This is evidenced by any and all of the following:

The exponential increase in wealth of the super wealthy.
The reduction of wealth of the middle class.
Rising debts of most governments, leading to the difficulty in funding much needed infrastructure, education and health care.
The broken health care system.
Politics being owned by big business.
The use of the earth and its resources as a giant food court/get rich quick resource machine, followed closely by it becoming a garbage dump.
Increased indebtedness of the middle class/students.
Knowledge asymmetries enabling those in power to continue to take from those who are willfully kept in ignorance.

And most people know that the value they bring to their work and life is often undervalued, under-utilised and under-recognised.

Indeed most of what we produce and create is under thought, rarely used to the maximum level of its utility, and then becomes more fuel for the ever rising garbage dump instead of being able to be deployed back into the system from which it was created.

Integral Accounting provides a frame to address all of these issues. Yep, you heard me…all of them.

Nature figured out the way to build systems that worked oh…about 2 billion years ago (I have no idea really, but natures design far far exceeds human’s attempt at design in millions and billions of year increments)

Integral accounting is isomorphic with nature. In that, it is not new, or unique. It has been sitting right under our noses…but for the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and courage to act.

For three days 25 intrepid souls showed up to learn natures system. To say it was a powerful experience is an understatement. A ripple has been torn into the fabric of the Universe, and just as the butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon can cause a storm in Asia, so a group of 25 committed souls will cause a ripple in the world.

If you wish to hear the pre-call we had to speak about the event, you can access that here. To read more about Integral Accounting see David’s material here, and my very superficial notes written last year, here.

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