The tension between blind delusion or unwavering certainty.

The key to certainty is alignment. Your life, your skill, your Source Idea, your Pattern Integrity. And the clear sight of the distant horizon to which you stay in enduring perseverance. 

Some change takes time. Decades or more. Centuries even.

The visionaries who see the future well in advance of its arrival have such clear-sighted certainty. They know too well that the change they seed might occur at some time and place after they are gone from the scene. This does not stop them from acting.

Blind delusion is built on an untethered dream. A conscious act of refusal to observe the multiplicities of feelings that are swirling in your body being below the waist. A desire for some external feedback, be that acceptance, or simply being seen.

Perseverance asks much of us. 

Yet if we abandon the path that calls our name, the price is greater than perseverance. 

If this is a time of perseverance, dig deep. Gather your certainty. Connect to your Source Idea. Ask for help. Know that it will come. Stand tall. Look to the horizon. Take the next step. 

Photo taken April 15th, 2019