This is about ‘you’.

Not the ‘you’ you are. But the ‘you’ you want to be.

The all-powerful you. The all-knowing you.

The you who you know deep down you could be.

The you at your most dynamic. The you with foresight, with authority, courage, integrity, dignity, heart.

Easy words to type. Much harder ones to live up to.

You may already have some of these qualities, at least some of the time. You may also be brilliant at what you do. You may be rich, successful, respected. But whoever you are today – you can be much, much more.

Because, like all humans, you have the potential to be.

I know that ‘you’.  I have come to know him or her over 25 years of intense training, exploring and innovating in the realm of personal development. I take a systemic approach and use big picture thinking that stretches from the cellular to the universal.  In simple terms, I empower my clients and students to cut through the white noise, the BS, so ‘you’ shine brilliantly and enduringly. I look forward to doing the same with you.

I only work with a very small and limited number of extraordinary leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world for a minimum of 6 months and often for years. This allows me to maintain a clear intimate focus, and helps my clients receive my best coaching and mentoring. At times, I also work with their leadership team. And through my global partnership in The Constellation, we work with institutions that seek to address the future with true vision.

The journey to fully -realized personal power may not be an easy one. But it doesn’t have to be a lonely one. I will be there with you, every step of the way.  My initial role is to help you to identify and recognize your other ‘you’. Then, through a combination of learning, reflection, feedback and refinement work with you to embrace your authentic core, to become that real ‘you’.

To achieve meaningful change requires commitment from you – commitment that I will match.  I will also bring rigour, truth, respect, compassion and leadership to this quest.

It will require great efforts. But it will also bring great rewards. Together we’ll align your integrity; develop your listening, emotional, physical and spiritual intelligence; encourage advanced communication; increase your ability to read the most subtle signals from people, from systems, and from the world; expand your perspective beyond what you saw as possible; improve your health and vitality; increase your self-belief and your self-awareness; remove constraints; learn new skills and equip you with new tools.

I have already done the same for many others; clients who will vouch for my expertise in these areas, should you decide to take the next step.

If you believe you are ready to discover who ‘you’ really are, take that step.

I look forward to hearing from you….

I was once told that when we hide ourselves and our gift from the world, we withhold the possibility of supporting other people in their own journey to the good the true and the beautiful.


PS. The photo is my daughter, taken when she was 14.