In any system, when molecules are under stress and pressure, they begin to perturbate. The higher the pressure the greater the frequency of perturbation.

This is unsustainable. 

At some stage, unable to be predicted, the molecules will reach a threshold of perturbation, and they will transform into new molecules. This action will release significant energy.

The transformation is irreversible.

This process as defined by Ilya Prigogine won him a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1977. He called it the theory of dissipative structures.

A human system, be that the individual or a defined collective, undergoes the same process. 

When high degrees of perturbation occur, creating emotion, stress, distress, if the pressure on us persists, there will come an unpredictable time when we will transform to a higher order and in the process release significant energy. 

This process is irreversible. We will not be able to go back to our previous state.

The transformation could be an increase in fields of intelligence – from emotional to physical to intellectual to spiritual to moral.

It might also be in our worldview and stage of development.

We do not transform without going through this type of process. It is uncomfortable. Unpredictable. Irreversible. Energy as emotion and kinetics are released.

If we want a world with a future, if we want different, better, if we want to evolve our own capacity and capability towards a higher state, then perturbation is a pre-requisite. This is the nature of syntropy.

July 2nd 2019

Photo taken July 2nd, 2019