Petrol in a Tesla

To create an enterprise from a new level of thinking towards a world with a future requires deep consideration of all the elements. 

The temptation is to overlay the beautiful idea we are birthing with old models. 

Venture capital and the acceptance that those who put the most money on the table must by some unexamined rule get the majority of the power and control, and as a consequence diminish the contribution of those who provide infinite care, decades of skill…as if money has more value than anything else… and governance models that place a priority on anything other than the purpose…

…ownership that is confined to a few…

…enterprise design that reduces people to numbers, resources, commodities.

The moment we apply old models to a new way of thinking we have contaminated the very beauty of that which we are seeking to animate.

It is like putting petrol in a Tesla.

January 9th 2020

Photo taken January 9th 2020, by Tony