Pierce the veil of our delusions

It is safe in the status quo, that middle ground. Keep your head down and do what the cultural narrative tells you.

You can get away with this for decades. 

I did not know! You were so ahead of your time. You are so ahead of your time.

It is an indictment of education that people can miss the conversations at the edge for several decades. 

Not just the conversation but what is actually happening. Evidence right under our noses.

Like a warm bath, it is easier and far more pleasant to remain ignorant. For the moment we know, a part of us recognises we must do something. Change is next. And change means we have to get out of the warm bath feeling.

Like it or not, everything catches up with us eventually. Often, it wacks us over the head, and we break into one thousand pieces. While this pathway is hard, it is necessary.

Life unfolding, in its gorgeousness and horror, will not be ignored. If we do not witness it in present time, it will pierce the veil of our delusions.

Photo Taken March 15th 2024