Places we agree

There are so many places where we do not agree.

Different paths to here. A lively or damaged childhood. Beliefs that have the Grand Canyon between them.

Lived experiences that have broken us, or built us.

In the tangle of human affairs, when humans turn upon themselves over politics or religion, we might begin to find common ground.

Some might think the earth is burning, others, that it is cooling. Do we agree that at the least it needs caring for? Can we stop the cycle of throw-away, planned obsolescence? Does my littering your backyard honour your rights?

There is a bigger conversation that we need desperately to have.

It is about respect for life, care for life, all human dignity. That your right is my right, and inherent in our rights is an obligation to extend the same or higher rights to others and the future.

It is the right of Earth and all its creatures to be held with reverence.

Rather than throw rocks at each other on the ground, can we find a higher place where love lives?

March 1st 2019

Photo taken March 1st 2019