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Unlocking the power of enterprise for a more beautiful world Part #4. Structural Integrity of Organisational Design. Creating Ecologies of Trust and Synergy

  • Episode Title: Pillar #3 – Structural Integrity in Syntropic Enterprises: Fostering Trust and Synergy

    Episode Description:

    In this thought-provoking episode, we delve into the third pillar of our seven-part series on Considerations for a Beautiful Syntropic Enterprise, focusing on the Structural Integrity of Organisational Design. We explore the essence of creating ecologies of trust and synergy within the organizational framework. Our discussion revolves around three fundamental questions:

    1. Choosing the Legal Governance Model: We unravel the significance of selecting an appropriate legal entity that resonates with the core purpose and aims of your enterprise. We discuss the historical context of different legal models, their impact on your organization’s energy, and the importance of full responsibility over limited liability.
    2. Enabling Great, Aligned People: Discover how to design an organization that not only attracts aligned individuals but also allows them to express their full agency while working harmoniously within a community. We highlight the intricate process of aligning organizational design with enterprise values and principles.
    3. Thriving Business Model: We examine innovative business models, like that of Riversimple’s hydrogen cars, that align with future aspirations, emphasizing sustainability, efficiency, and overall well-being. We also introduce Synergistic Accounting as a tool for holistic value consideration in business planning.

    Links and Resources:

    Closing Thoughts:

    This episode invites listeners to reflect on the structural integrity of their organizational designs and to consider how legal entities, organizational designs, and business models can profoundly influence the capacity for trust, synergy, and sustainable success in enterprises aimed at creating a more beautiful world.

    Join us as we continue to explore the pillars of syntropic enterprise, guiding businesses towards a future where responsibility, sustainability, and human-centric values are at the heart of every decision.

April 14, 2024

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World peace Planetary security and peace cannot be achieved without a climate-safe future



Create an enterprise where people do the best work of their lives for a world with a future



Considering the value of everything. Rights and responsibilities are complementary pairs.



Avoiding the chasm of the unspoken. Clean Communication – an essential tool to live lite


Clean Communication - Living and working light

Clean Communication – Living and working light

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The Basics of a Syntropic Enterprise

The Basics of a Syntropic Enterprise

[showmodule id=”247985″]

Remember who we are

Remember who we are

[showmodule id=”247984″]

Reverence is a Business Practice

Reverence is a Business Practice

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Small Islands of Coherence

Small Islands of Coherence

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The Truth of Trees and the Steady River of Integrity

The Truth of Trees and the Steady River of Integrity

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Ordinary People working together can create a world that works for all

Ordinary People working together can create a world that works for all

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Bee Business - Natures Laws and Human Success

Bee Business – Natures Laws and Human Success

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How to create a life of freedom - the art and practice of self discipline

How to create a life of freedom – the art and practice of self-discipline

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