Polarisation and diversity

When we have the space for multiple opinions, when the field has not been reduced to only two or three thought forms, heightened polarisation is very difficult.

Polarity requires a charged two. The stronger the charge, the more the polarisation.

In our current binary politics, we have squeezed out diversity. It is either this, or that.

There is either right or wrong. You are either in the club, or not. You have access, or you do not.

If we add to the field several other options, and we create the ground for these opinions and perspectives to be heard, respected, considered…then the charge drops between the binary pair.

In a world about to blow apart from polarisation, perhaps it is time to enrich the conversation with some other views, a different perspective, and choices that are not to be reduced to blue or red, black or white.

A question I am considering is given our entire technological world depends completely on binary zeros and ones, is the heightened polarisation in our geopolitical world an expression of our dependency on the binary nature of what has become the underpinning of life? And if so, what might we do to move to a higher order by inviting in enough diversity to reduce the charge? Is this possible given the dependence on binary-designed technology?

September 3rd 2019

Photo taken July 16, 2016