A required element to hold the shape and integrity of any system. 

We need the positive and negative charge because they are not two, but one.

The issue arises when polarity becomes either too much or too little.

Our age has a peculiar phenomenon occurring.

At the geopolitical level, polarity is becoming too charged. The divide is increasing by the day. This heralds a reset, which will either be a collapse or an explosion. Rebellion on the street. Civil wars. Or environmental collapse. Most likely a combination of both.

Yet at the personal level, with the rise of Surveillance Capitalism, whole societies are being manipulated to sameness through the state’s control and manipulation of behavioural surplus. China wants everyone to be good, to exist within a narrow range of behaviour. Outside of this the punishment and access to society is limited. Conform. 

Conform. Do not think for yourself. Do as you are told. Question nothing. Much easier to control humans who are compliant.

The Titans of Silicon Valley stir the pot both ways. They incite polarity at the geopolitical level, as well as dictating sameness through advanced and subtle behaviour modification.

Do we want a world where humans are replicants of predictability? 

Or would we rather the feisty? Those who question. Those at the edges of polarity who nudge humanity onwards in evolution?

Next time you are in a disagreement with someone, celebrate the moment as the arrow of our evolution. It might not feel comfortable, but it is in this messy place of polarity that we progress.

May 26th 2019

Photo taken May 26th, 2019