Is one of Buckminster Fullers Generalised Principles – true in all cases.

To every action, there is a reaction at 90 degrees. To the trajectory of the honey bee’s goal of gathering nectar, his legs at 90 degrees inadvertently cross-pollinate. The precessional effect of his honey gathering is life on Earth.

Does the bee begin his day with the heavy-duty of maintaining life on Earth? I suspect not. I imagine the bees go about their honey business with bee happiness.

We can go for the Precession. We can create a goal that has as its precession what we most desire. Instead of the goal of money, for example, we might aim to deliver an extraordinary and exceptional service or experience that has money be the precessional effect.

For every goal, there is a precessional effect, and often that effect becomes of higher value than the goal. To run a marathon, we precessionally build fitness, endurance, increase health, develop better habits, discover more about ourselves when the going gets tough…

To flip precession, list your goals and ask what you might focus on that captivates your entire being and has, as an effect, the goal you want.

January 23rd 2019

Photo Taken January 23rd, 2019