Precessional effects of neoliberalism

The simultaneously beauty and challenge of life is that we need the dance of tension and compression to ensure any system holds its shape.

A healthy dynamic system requires polarity. 

When one polar pair becomes too prevalent, diminishing almost to non-existence its partner polar pair, we are going to get either collapse or explosion whether we like it or not.

The current dance between the progressive and conservative politics, where on one side we seek to reduce government, privatise everything including health care, remove regulation, and design everything to become profit-maximising machines; and on the other, we seek to build robust social nets, free public health and education and government-owned public services, have been exposed through the COVID crisis as being weighted too far to the profit maximising side.

When a pandemic response is reliant on a private-only medical sector designed around profit maximisation, lives are lost, and the pull towards poverty becomes even stronger.

The neoliberal experiment is being exposed as an unable-to-be-resilient for Earth and ALL her creatures model. Unfortunately, those with the greatest accumulation of assets and cash wealth continue to profit at this time. Given their powerful ability to be the puppeteers of elected officials, the explosion|collapse, while immanent, is yet to occur.

We, the people, are required to become vigilant activists against the pull of business-as-usual.

Never underestimate the voice of one person. That voice might be yours

Photo taken July 16th, 2016