Prepared for the unexpected

Life has a way of bringing us to our knees. One minute roses, the next thorns.

When we work with a team the co-ordinated design of how we work together cannot be too efficient, for super efficiency removes the ability to be flexible when the unexpected happens. And the unexpected will happen. 

The enterprise architecture that holds a team together must enable breathing. When a team member is suddenly not available does the design enable others to take the slack?

Similarly, if we do not have any boundaries if the enterprise architecture is too loose, then chaos rules.

The enterprise architecture, like a cell membrane, has flex flow built in. 

The Steward leader becomes the cell membrane equivalent, holding the shape and space for the active human participants within the enterprise to bring their best.

In motion, this is symphonic, not just for the active participants, but for all who touch the enterprise.

Photo taken June 25th 2019