Private sufficiency public luxury

Think about this type of world, where we have clear boundaries around our private enoughness, and we live in a world of public luxury.

Public luxury? Excellent health care, education, elder and child care for all, funded publicly. No class divides. When those with more wealth have to use the same schools and health care as those without, the standard will be high for all. 

Beautiful public spaces. Commons. Parks. Libraries. Universities. Galleries. 

Places for spirit and soul, for beauty. 

Would we not call this a civilised society? 

Private sufficiency? No more obscene salaries or billionaires. A bone-deep recognition that once we have reached a point it is enough. 

Still the opportunity for innovation and scales of prosperity, yet not to the degree that wealth is extracted from those without to feed the beast of those with.

Wealth doesn’t flow from the top, despite the neoliberal attempt to tell us otherwise. Wealth occurs when all of society have dignity and opportunity.

Private sufficiency and public luxury enrich everyone.

Photo Taken June 27th 2023

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