Is an awareness that we have an advantage. 

If I am close friends with you, I have a privileged connection to you that the person down the street does not have. I call you and you will probably answer my call.

Inherent in conscious privilege is the awareness of my advantage. If I get to go to expensive schools surrounded by people of means and connections to other people of means, I have a privilege over someone who does not have the same access.

If I have privilege to information that others do not have, then I can use that to support my own advantage.

The offence of privilege lies in the lack of awareness of my advantage, in my holding others without the same advantage as lesser than me. 

And with those who have access to privilege of connections, money, power and means protecting their privileged, and doing what they can to prevent a more level playing field. 

Advantage over others feels good to most of us and can become addictive. Getting to the front of the line, flying in business class, being invited to the ‘right’ events.

We all have some type of privilege. The question we might ask is – Are we going to play life seeking to advantage some lives over others – denying access to a more level field of play that allows humans to strive forward? 

If the game is rigged from the start, which it is, those increasing few who have keys to the kingdom will find the game turns on them, and they become the prey.

February 8th 2019

Photo Taken February 8th, 2019