Purpose, purpose, and purpose

To aim, or intend, to put forth.

Cleaning our teeth has a purpose. As does eating food.

Life is a sequence of actions towards a purpose. 

Knowing the purpose of an action creates a clarity and transmission of delivery. When we are aimless, which is not always a bad thing, the purpose is not defined. Or perhaps the purpose is to be aimless.

To evolve is to unroll, to grow in maturity and development as a living thing.

An evolutionary purpose is a purpose that grows in maturity as we bring it to life. It is also a purpose that is far greater than an individual or collective. 

An evolutionary purpose asks us to look up, to see beyond self, to get past our own fear and self-loathing in service to the purpose.

An Evolutionary Purpose calls to us, often from an experience of heartbreak and pain. Often we will not achieve our Evolutionary Purpose in our lifetime. 

Yet we begin.

Photo taken January 19th 2023