Put a nest around the egg of an idea

A beautiful idea arrives on the wings of a bird. Your heart skips a beat. It is love. You are the guardian steward of this precious idea, this gift.

Mother bird, father bird, build your nest.

Put a nest around the egg of an idea.

Place the idea as egg in a warm and safe place. Surround it with goodness.

Perhaps bring in others who hold the idea as sacred as you do.

Not yet ready to hatch, or just hatched. It needs the care and attention of many to be able to find its wings, to fly, to thrive.

This may take weeks, years or generations.

The idea is not yours to own and keep. You are but its steward.

Steward wisely. Steward with fierce love.

When it is ready to fly, let it fly high and far, knowing your job is done.

November 8th 2018

Photo taken November 8th 2018