Put aside yesterday

Today as I write I gaze at the mighty Pacific Ocean and she is at peace. More lake like than mighty.

When I started taking sunrise photo’s it was from the pure impulse to share my experience with others, to spread the beauty.

Little did I know that the practice would teach me so much.

Same beach, same sun, same camera. Never ever the same shot.

Just thinking about that brings me to my knee’s in awe.

Each day we get to put aside yesterday. To let go of our past. To start again.

Each day we get to choose. Live with anger, vengeance and powerlessness that consumes our own ability to access beauty, to do great things with our skills and love, or craft the day and our response to it as a sovereign human.

There is no guarantee that the person who went to sleep last night is the same one who woke this morning.

Make this your day to share beauty, love and joy, and in so doing become closer to beauty love and joy. Goodness knows the world needs more of this than pretty much anything.

Sending love. xx

PS. A wonderful book has just been released on the subject of forgiveness and second chances. Cat Hoke, A Second Chance for You, Me and the Rest of Us.

March 1st 2018

Photo Taken June 10th 2016