In a parched and burnt land, rain is a miracle.

My heart bleeds to think that our future is a lurching from extremes.

Yet many of us know, deep in our bones, that this is the future. From fire to flood. From drought to flood. 

Storms that shred lives. Communities obliterated. 

And the animals…the innocents…burnt to death or starved of food or water…

The flower of this creation is a unification. We might, we oh-for-too-long-arrogant-humans discover that the Earth is our home. To trash our home, to litter it with our disposable everythings, to ignore its sanctuary and sacredness, comes at a price that money cannot assuage. 

We might, oh-my-prayer, we just might, fall to our knees, as I do today, in the rain…and vow to respect, love, adore, cherish.. our home, our Earth, our web of all-of-life.

We might turn to the more beautiful world we long to create, we know is possible…and, partnering with our home planet, we might begin to do that.

As we celebrate the miracle of rain.

January 18th 2020

Photo taken January 17th, 2020