Raised with manners

I believe that most children know – from a very young age- the difference between right and wrong.

They know that hurting a living thing is wrong. 

They register a lie in their biology and feel it lodge.

Unless trauma is present, or there is a psychological issue from birth, we know what it means to be cruel to another.

The first lie that is stepped over by those in authority makes the second lie easier. The first act of cruelty, ignored, makes cruelty become permissible. 

Children who are raised with manners, who are held to account for acts of harm to others or for lying, grow up with a moral and ethical backbone.

Kindness, thoughtfulness, and treating others with dignity and respect – is educated and reinforced to become normal. Just as being rude and lying is normalised.

In the face of people who have not been given moral and ethical education, manners and tempering our reflex to lash out counts, even when it appears to be in the minority.

Photo Taken November 26th 2023