We all have our unique archetypal make up. You have friends that no matter what is going on, they play the clown. Or the gambler. Or the fighter. The dare devil. The father.

While all of us have archetypes that are as much a part of us as breathing, we also have access to archetypes that are dormant.

The athlete really developed in me in my mid 30’s as I became a distance runner. Now it is so much a part of me that to not work daily with my athlete would feel like something important is missing.

The mother archetype was not alive in me at all until I became a mum. The on switch was instant. I simply knew what to do and trusted myself completely the moment my daughter was born. Much to the deep surprise of most people who knew me.

Different circumstances in life require the awakening of different archetypal energies from within us.

I have been acutely aware that what is being called from me now is the archetype of the business person/business owner/business leader. I want to create and lead a business. I want to transition from professional service provider to the business leader. If I am honest I could say this urge has been dancing with me most of my life, and for most of my life I have resisted it. Fear, responsibility, self doubt, lack of commitment, not wanting the responsibility. (oh…I said that already…opps)

The question I am asking myself is ‘what is the exact form of the stake in the ground I need to place in order to evoke the business leader in me?’ The kind of stake that is somewhat irreversible. What locks me in, more than any other action?

For in the placing the stake in the ground…firmly…. and embracing all the consequences of that single action…then the archetype of business leader will be awakened. Whether it feels comfortable or not.

What is your stake in the ground? What is the highest commitment you have been avoiding taking, that when taken will evoke a dimension of your self that needs to come alive?





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