Rally people to revolution

Passivity and not feeling like we can change things are desired by many as a way to seize power. Bringing the people to despair, hopelessness, and helplessness. Keep them submissive.

The weapons to do this often include reducing people to the brink of survival, where the only capacity people have is to focus on making it through the next day.

This ploy works for a while. 

Into this vacuum of despair will step a few people who, having reached the depths of their brokenness, will rise up, with nothing to lose, and rally people to revolution.

This story repeated throughout history.

You can see evidence of it arising again in places around the world. 

I find it fascinating that people at the grassroots forget so easily that we hold the power. 

It takes courage and commitment to speak up. It always has. Breaking the illusion that we are without power, as individuals and as a collective, requires daily work.

It starts within. In the knowing that we remain in victim status by choice.

Photo Taken July 2nd 2023

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