Random and disordered reflections

Many people seem to love their hatred more than they love feeling peace inside. Why is this, I wonder? Is there an addiction to drama? Or perhaps an addiction to feeling right and superior? 

I watch people’s reactions and charges, especially those triggered by a criticism of identity. 

How easy is it to arc up when a comment is made in an informed context where the reaction is triggered from ignorance? 

We can only know through experience, from being in the arena. Theory is not knowing.

Theory is an intellectual understanding minus embodiment. To know, we must live the experience.

When we defend and justify, do we do this from a triggered place, or from the need to stand up for a lack of equality and dignity? Observing our defensive stance and its source indicates much about our triggers.

Triggers, therefore, are very useful reference points on our path to wisdom and awareness.

Perspective is gained through experience. Travel does that. To be in other cultures, to allow the culture to be as it is, gives us access to greater understanding and compassion.

Comparison of other cultures through lived experience is subjective. Yet cultures also have their Pattern Integrity. The shadow and the light. 

Just as we do. 

Photo Taken February 18th 2024