Raving fan

When you come across an enterprise that is everything and more it says it is…when its commitment to a massive transformational purpose like ending slavery is not lip service but the core focus of everything, when in the process they managed every single element of their business, ensuring it is syntropic towards an internally regenerative Universe…then being a raving fan is effortless.

Outland Denim. You inspire me and give me hope. Integrity all the way down and through.

I want a world where the Outland Denim equivalents are business-as-usual.

Need jeans. Paying anything under $100US for a pair means someone is being exploited. Don’t do it. Buy a second-hand pair while you save for the only jeans that free humans from slavery and are leading change in an industry that is killing people and planet.

Available in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Online. Worn by Megan Markle and Leonardo DiCaprio, unsolicited and unpaid. 

Because. Awesome.

Photo taken July 4th, 2019