Reacting to a ghost

There has to be a fractal pattern within us in order for words or actions to trigger a response or reaction.

Our lizard instinct kicks in – developed over years of defence and protection. We strike out. Put up walls. Harden ourselves.

To no longer react the fractal pattern needs to be removed. Before it can be removed it needs to be seen for what it is.

I see you. I see your story, created over time, to defend against the bully. To protect against the feeling of being outcast. Ignored. Not enough.

This morning I witnessed one of my fractal patterns in the fullness of its reflexive glory. Watched as this part of me turned wild animal. Then laughed when I realised it was reacting to a ghost. A ghost!

It was perfect. Now seen, to be removed. With love.

People only trigger to things that are unhealed within then.

Next time, rather than join their chorus of vicious, invite compassion.

And when your own lizard rears its head, hold it with love and self-compassion, before letting it go for good. For a time it served you well.

September 4th 2018

Photo taken July 16th 2017