In last weeks news…

1. There are a bunch of people looking at weaponizing the weather through geo-engineering. Rather than bombs, how about a category 5 man made storm?

2. China announced to the world its intention to have the Renminbi become the new world currency, stating this clearly on a big city billboard.

3. Drones are being designed to stop animal poaching – good news for the Elephants and Rhino’s.

4. More and more cities are putting the stake in the ground to be 100% carbon neutral in the next 5-10 years.

Some thoughts…

Hard to argue man made climate change when man can actually manipulate the weather…I would like to see those ultra conservative Republicans try to dance around this one. Seriously…how do we think up some of this kind of terror?

The writing has been on the wall with China for a long time now. The real time Game of Thrones never stopped. And even though we try to deny it, the death and destruction is just as bad in real life as depicted in the TV series.

The technology of drones has been almost entirely driven by what Bucky Fuller caller killingry. So it is good to read that the same technology can be applied to do good..and even better…to do good for the voiceless.

I am loving the massive shift in wealth, power, greed and battles for territory that is certain to come with the end of liquid gold as the focus of the power crazed. This is not a 20 year shift…the world will unravel in the next 10 years. A drive in a Tesla S in my home town only solidified that oil is a dead end…and that oil, coal and the other fossil fuels are all forms of energy from the industrial age…which left the building last century. The wars around the world will be done, particularly in the Middle East…but given man’s love of power, greed and war (and I mean man, men, the male of the species specifically)…I am wondering what new ‘gold’ will fuel the next series of mayhem?

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