Reading the signs

As the magician moves her hands, you miss the trick. This is the plan. Your senses are seduced by the magical and miss the important.

In the news feed today, many magicians are moving their hands, seducing people into reading the glamour and missing the important.

Critical thinking skills, as well as seeing and sensing beyond distractions, are vital.

Around the world, protests and debates are being suppressed. Today, Columbia University. Last week, Germany. 

The forces of domination and power want to silence those who dissent. 

Of all the signs we can read today, I am most concerned about the seemingly innocuous forces that silence protestors and those who seek to debate the incumbent systems.

History holds the lessons that we appear to need to re-learn. 

Revolution comes from the people. Power seeks to control all things. 

Any agreement to silence debate and protest is the path to an authoritarian state.

In Paul Lynch’s beautifully written and terrifying 2023 Booker Prize-winning novel The Prophet Song, the reader is taken on a journey that begins with seemingly innocuous acts of authoritarianism. This book is the modern-day equivalent of 1984 by George Orwell. 

Reading the signs that are most important to the future well-being of all of life, holding care, respect, dignity, rights and responsibilities for ALL, becomes urgent.

Photo Taken April 10th 2024