Real deficits, true wealth, never scarce

The following is not a definitive list by any means. Yet I wonder if we consider that instead of speaking about the fiscal deficit – where money is a manmade construct and as such can be deconstructed – we might be more concerned about real deficits. (If you have not read Stephanie Kelton’s The Deficit Myth then please do consider doing this.)

Where instead of bowing to the God of money as wealth, we might revere what is true wealth and focus on all-access to true wealth.

And rather than get caught in a cycle of fear, scarcity, and win-lose games we might know the things that we have control and choice over, every moment of every day, no matter circumstances.

Real deficits



Dignity for all


Visionary leadership beyond the reporting/election cycle


The ability to think, act and behave through complexity, to be better sense makers

True Wealth

Health and access to health care for all


To be surrounded by nature

Friends who dare to hold us to our best

Love – the capacity to give it and receive it

The opportunity to learn and to be supported to learn through a lifetime

Active ability to participate as a citizen

A home

Adequate healthy uncontaminated food

Breathable air

Clean water

Community that know we are better together, better when all win, better when we play the infinite game

A future that holds promise, life, wellbeing, dignity, our ability to be all that we have the ability to be

Not scarce – ever

The ability to spread love

The ability to laugh and support laughter and joy

The ability to care for something greater than ourselves

Photo taken June 13th 2021

*Yesterday not only did I surf with dolphins, but a dolphin also swam right under my surfboard. It was truly amazing.