Real value

To be worth something. Like beauty, value is in the experience of the exchange.

Our current economy has conflated value to extraction and accumulation. How much we have accumulated, how much we have sucked up from the economy without giving value to others, or through paying the minimum value in wages treating the humans who build our accumulated value as cogs in our machine.

In our confusion of real value, we discount the value of a gesture of kindness, the love of a nurse tending to you, or the person caring for your child.

The precessional effects of this, which is multiple, includes people who are offering real value perceiving they are worth less.

Look at the value you create for others. Real value. Value measured in multiple domains, from love, to health, to rich experiences, to delight, connection, community. To doing work that matters. Regenerative instead of extractive.

Measure this. Stand tall. Giving real value is what makes humans worth everything.

January 11th 2019

Photo Taken January 11th, 2019