I have been listening to Dan Carlin, Hardcore History, The Wrath of the Khans. Genghis Kan was directly responsible for between 10 and 70 million deaths. And that was only in China, Mongolia, the Middle East and East Europe.

I hear many people talk about the current world and the times we are in as the most significant times in history. There is an urgency to save the planet, save the people, avoid being taken over by ISIS, prevent the coming big economic collapse….fear on fear…propagated by fear.

Really? It’s that bad? Worse than millions being killed, raped and tortured by Genghis Kan? Or by the terror of the bubonic plague?  Or 6 plus million mostly women being burned at the stake for being intuitive? Or the inquisition? Or our world wars?

Does this mean I do not have concern? No…we have work to do…sure thing…much to be done. But not in fear. Not in this mythology that it is the darkest hour. Most of us reading this do not have a clue about the darkest hour. We know little to nothing of real terror and real threat. Women in Syria might, or parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan. But not us.

It is not time to kick back and rest on our laurels. Until no child dies of hunger and no woman is raped, no man or woman made to sacrifice his/her life force for some dead end ‘job’, we have work to do.

But not in fear.

Fear is a choice. Fear is reading the propaganda written by people who wish to incite riot, be that the government of the day, or the local black, white or purple fundamentalist/zealot. The colour, race and religion is irrelevant…zealotry is zealotry in any shade.

It is time to STOP. To question all the stories we have been told. ALL of THEM.

Show me any baby born with hate in its heart…with racism…violence?

Children are taught this….we teach them. WE teach them, as we have been taught.

Peace is an inside job. Always has been, always will be. It starts with questioning the violence that lives in your heart. Then questioning the truth of that…how did it get there…who told us…was that source speaking from love or fear…was that source speaking from the whole or partial perspective?

It really is that simple. So much so that few do this….and even fewer, when really thinking/feeling for themselves, have the courage to reject the myths they have been told..and act from love, not fear.

It is a big task…no doubt…yet we are up for it.


Photo credit: waldopepper via Compfight


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