Relationships that matter 

Relationships that matter need attention.

If we are about to begin a project, form a partnership, or become a part of a team, unless we place the quality of the relationships that are about to form as a priority, the relationships are likely to disintegrate.

This is especially important if we are about to create a project or partnership with a friend or family member. We make the assumption that people we know will not have expectations of us, of the project, and of our working style.

Here are some of the places to start.

Everyone is invited to consider that they have the capacity, willingness and desire to bring to this project in at least the following domains. Things; money/energy; knowledge; tools and technology; care/thoughtfulness/kindness/accountability/responsibility; vitality and wellbeing.

Everyone is then invited to consider what they expect in return for this contribution in the same domains.

This record of expectation and account is acknowledged to be mutable. Time, context and circumstances will change it.

Everyone is committed to declaring any change in expectation as soon as they are aware of it.

We all agree to Clean Communication. We know how decisions are made, who has authority over things, and how we managed disagreement.

Finally, we agree to the regular interval of meetings to explore the quality and nature of the relationships themselves, adding, adjusting and editing our relational agreements as needed.

**If you are interested, we cover these elements in the Synergistic Accounting Workshop, which commences next week. Read more and enrol here.

Photo Taken March 23rd 2022