To yield. To hand over…

Imagine if we lived in a world where we handed over our identity, our personal space, our health, our homes, our likes and dislikes, our movements, our purchases, our behaviour, our conversations, our connections, our address book, our steps, our cleaning apparatus, our furniture, our clothing….our everything that we hold sacred, or mundane.

If all of these things we had assumed were ours…our very sovereignty, we willingly rendered to another.

Imagine in this world that those to whom we willingly rendered these things used our personhood in all its day-to-day existence, to turn it upon us as manipulation? And in the process make obscene profit?

That we willingly said yes to this, tiny step, by tiny step, inoculated on the journey to which we acquiesced? For this is how evil arrives. Through little, seemingly innocuous, atrocities.

Not a question of privacy, which is the pervasive argument, but of ownership. The 21st Century equivalent to slavery.

Until we break forever with the act of colonisation, in which we believe we have the rights to colonise a land, a people, identities, behaviour, others…

This will continue to be the human story. And all the while we celebrate those who profit off human and earth plunder as Gods of success.

April 14h 2019

Photo taken April 14th, 2019