Renting our life

For many years I thought there was something wrong with me and my relationship with money. I was smart, educated and yet couldn’t seem to make headway.

The ease of access to credit was an easy path, with consequences most people have experienced.

I decided that the only way to get on top of this was to study the very system that currently holds so many people in debt servitude. To understand the system, the game.

And it is a game, with the majority of humans the pawns. It lives in a world of complex language, language that obfuscates and confuses on purpose. The system wants us to feel stupid, confused and overwhelmed.

Inherited wealth accumulates and for the most part, is tax-free. Those who hold the wealth increase their wealth through their wealth. Not through productivity, or work truly done. Money making money off money. No real value added.

Those of us who work trade our time for dollars. We pay tax. And we are gripped in debt. Student debt, health debt, consumer debt, mortgage debt…the debt and interest accumulating to such an impossible-to-pay place. Whole countries are gripped with intractable debt.

I realised I was not stupid. It was not that I was not good with money. It was that the system had been stacked against all but the minority. And is designed to do exactly what we now have.

Money is not a reference for real value. Money is agnostic. Yet we have given money a seat at the table as if its value is intrinsic.

We are renting our lives to those with the privilege of owning us. That privilege more often than not has come off the back of some form of theft.

There is another way. We can create economies that enable true wealth, equal access, human dignity—an economy that honours real value, real contribution..that keeps people engaged in community creation. 

It is towards the creation of this type of wealth for all humanity and Earth that we turn our intention at Syntropic. World.

October 29th 2019

Photo taken October 29th 2019, by Tony