Respectful of diversity

I feel despair today as I watch the media doing its media thing and stirring hate.

We must stop the rise of anti (insert the word of the day depending on the part of the world you are from) cry various voices in hand-wringing anguish. Neglecting to say that stopping any form of anti – towards anyone – is the only way to forge an egalitarian, respectful community. When we focus on one group of ‘victims’ of hate, placing the hate projected against them as needing a greater response than the hate directed against another group, we animate the ‘keep conquered keep divided’ principle that power loves. 

No form of anti – this type of person or that type of person – is acceptable. Putting one group under the spotlight of being the victim churns the division.

All of this, as a local council in Sydney bans an innocuous book about same-sex parents from its public library, crying that they do not want their kids indoctrinated – as if a book in a library can become animated and force its way into readership and do the indoctrination itself.

It is impossible to allow someone with a different belief and religion to you or me to co-exist? 

Of course it is. 

The boundaries are respectful of diversity. 

Do not impose your religion or beliefs on another. 

In expressing your religion or beliefs, do not harm another and their equal rights to their region and beliefs. This is why we need respectful regulation and community governance. It is also why we need an international court of law for states that use their ‘otherness’ to seek to destroy a different other.

If someone in your tribe of religion or beliefs wants out, they are given a free pass. If they are not given a free pass, admit that it is not about your religion and beliefs; it is about power and control. 

Photo Taken December 17th 2023