Responsibility and Precession

The Law of Precession states that to any body or atom in motion there is an effect at 90 degrees to the action. 

Drop a stone into a pond of water and you get ripples at 90 degrees. 

Everything we do or say has a precessional effect. This is law. 

To be responsible is to have the power of choice in how we respond.

The question is, what are we responsible for? 

Many of us are ignorant of the precessional effect of our actions. Does this let us off the hook of responsibility?

Perhaps we have, through decades or generations of training to NOT consider the comprehensive precessional effects of our actions, relinquished our capacity to be responsible, to consider the precessional effects deeply, and to take ownership for our lack of consideration. And in so doing, we have allowed ourselves to become victims, disempowered by our ability to lead change.

In accepting responsibility for our actions we also accept our agency in leading change. This is to accept our ultimate power of choice in how we respond. 

For many, this might feel like a burden. Yet paradoxically, it is the key to our liberty. 

Photo taken June 13th 2022