Retiring old stories

The stories might have been your companion for years, decades, lifetimes. 

They feel familiar, they have shape, they have shaped you. 

They may even have provided you much-needed protection during troubled times.

You know the world through the lens of their telling.

You know the world through the lens of their telling….

If you change the story, do you then meet the world through a different lens? 

Is it possible that the stories are only stories? If you want a different experience of the world, you might write a new story.

Is it possible that the injury done to you, the sense of failure from some past, the need to have things happen in a particular sequence, the conversation about ‘the only way it works’ or the pain you have carried for so long… simply a story?

If so, what might be a story that you can re-write? And what stories need to be retired?

I have a story that is yelling at me, causing me to doubt myself, go into fear and contraction…it is a yesterday story. Why have I given it power over me today?

Isn’t this what we do? We empower the stories from yesterday with a truth today.

The wise say you cannot step into the same river twice. 

Today is different than yesterday in one million and more ways.

Allow today’s story the space to unfold in its own dimension untethered from the past, and at the close of the day, let the stories go. 

This is the beauty of beginnings.

November 6th 2019

Photo taken November 6th, 2019