Return to Source

Life sweeps us up, crowding our inner spaces with things to do, places to go, people to meet. The list is endless, never complete.

Stopping is essential if we want to mesh ourselves and our work in meaning and purpose.

Stopping to breathe. To slip down into the dark places of our interior. 

To touch the Source that stirs us to act in the first place.

Be that the Source of our life, the things that matter most of all, the actions we take that bring us alive.

Or the Source of the idea we are stewarding to life. That idea might be a garden, a home, a family or a business.

After the chaos of this first five months of 2022, to drop below the noise of one thousand things pulling me from pillar to post, I take this time to return to Source.

It is both a grand adventure of discovery and remembering and a return to love.

Photo taken May 23rd 2022

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