Returning home to what is intrinsic within us

Round pegs and square holes.

So much of our agony as humans is our attempt to shape ourselves into what we are not. We see another and feel we lack something in their light.

A seagull is so completely a seagull. Some are bossy. Some are passive. Character can be developed. But the Pattern Integrity of the seagull is as it is.

Any parent will tell you that the Pattern Integrity of their child is present from birth. Our role, as parents, is to steward the environment for that Pattern Integrity to be made fully manifest in as healthy a way as possible.

As we Adult, we become confused as to what our Pattern Integrity is. We might spend a lifetime becoming comfortable in our skin. Returning home to what is intrinsic within us.

The relief, the ability to relax into who we are, finally.. brings us into our power.

May 11th 2018

Photo Taken May 11th 2018