Rewilding language

Our words create our world. In the beginning, says one famous book, was the word.

Humans desire safety, dignity, and relevance.

Yet we also need fields of creativity, spaces to be wild without doing harm to others. 

The language of suppression is a language of maintaining order, providing security, ensuring progress, and a strong economic policy that privileges the few. 

When this language dominates the narrative, we slowly but surely lose the wild. The polarity swing to order and submission is now ever-present.

One of the most powerful acts of reclaiming our unique and gorgeous agency is to rewild language. We can be both safe and creative. Unique and able to co-exist with the full spectrum of unique others. Adventurous and innovative without doing harm.

Rewilding language includes new words. Creating a new world does not happen without creating new words, a new language. 

It also means recognising the subtle, sneaky effects of linguistic colonisation. The language of the occupier can be chosen or rejected.

This is our agency. The ability to choose.

Photo Taken April 21st 2024