Robbery and exploitation

A thief takes from others without their knowing. A robber takes others’ property openly.

Colonisation is robbery. 

Scraping contributions from people on Social Media to feed algorithms to weaponise against those who make the contribution in order to make money is robbery. You could even say it is a double robbery. 

There are people who will take an idea from you and immediately make it theirs, discarding you in the process. This happens at every level of life.

There are some people who are highly skilled at theft from right under our noses, yet not seen by us until too late. The spell casters, gaslighters and manipulators. Get to know their pattern of play, in order to break the spell.

Putting up walls of protection is not a way to live. Fear and legal entanglement never guarantee robbery and theft will not happen.

The best medicine for robbery is, first and foremost, to name it. Call it what it is.

Then remove the conditions for robbery and theft to be common. At the small-scale level of robbery, enable justice, equality and access to a living wage.

At the larger level, where institutions and nations holding power enact robbery and colonisation every day of the week, change the rules so that endless growth and profit come at an extraordinarily high price. De-incentivise massive exponential growth of power and profit. Break up monopolies. 

At the personal level, have a rigorous threshold crossing agreement, like the Trust Manifesto. People like us behave like this. If not, here are the consequences. Robbery and exploitation are egregious and violate the Pattern Integrity of what we do. Never step over any form of robbery, exploitation or theft. 

Photo Taken January 18th 2024