Rogue actors

Biology requires exposure to pathogens to form immunity.

This is risky. Some pathogens will cause destruction that may affect health and ability, or even viability, for a long time.

Yet, to protect our biology from exposure to pathogens, particularly when we are young, is to set the stage for weak immunity. Ultimately, overprotection makes us weaker.

Our capacity to stand in the heat of rogue actors – in our youth, to be exposed to bullies and name-callers – and in our later years, the ability to stay present and grounded as rogue actors seek to destroy a body of work we have created with love – is to develop our immunity and resilience. 

There is value to be found here, in the exchange between an expression of love and the force of cruelty and hate.

When we act from wholehearted integrity, when we can look inside and know our actions were not to harm anyone or anything, and we meet the force of cruelty, hate and the power-hungry, then we must stay our ground with integrity as the anchor, refusing at every turn to shift to any lesser expression of integrity. We might also seek to find the lesson there for us, about how a rogue actor gained such ground in our ecology.

All rogue actors need oxygen. When oxygen is not provided by us, and we hold our integrity, in time, the rogue actor will be exposed. The timing is not in our hands. 

During this process, who we are, how we respond, the integrity we hold – become the greater story. Our resilience increases as wisdom grows.

Photo Taken October 19th  2023