Run towards

You could imagine we might run towards this world…

Energy that is much cheaper and its byproducts do not kill us

Electric vehicles….so you can breathe and our kids do not get sick

Energy efficiency that benefits us all rather than the select few

Not needing to pay an extra cent to a utility company

Everyone has clean water, we get to enjoy our oceans and beaches again…

Our food is better for us.

This is not a future of sacrifice or pain.

We are in pain now from what we have.

It is not how much money it is going to cost, but how much it is going to save us. 

Healthier children, healthier future for all, abundant energy. The balance sheet tells the story that this world is the more affordable one.

Why are we not running towards this future? Have we lost our minds…our common cents/sense?

July 6th 2019

Photo taken July 5th, 2019