Sacrifice only for the sacred

To be dedicated to a path, a cause, a human, humans, Earths creatures….is to make sacred. 

Untangled from any religious dogma, the act of making sacred restores awe and reverence to a world longing for awe. Longing for connection. Parched for reverence.

We are missing sacred as a daily prayer. To stand beneath a tree and know its part in the whole ecology of our existence. To fall into a cooling ocean and be held by a trillion trillion drops of water becomes one. To place rich deep human connection and intimacy as primary..

To sacrifice with integrity, to give up something that comes at a true price…a price that cannot be replaced… earned through hard work…we might consider sacrificing only to the sacred.

Too often in this current game called life, we sacrifice to a false god. We let work, or the pursuit of money, status, stuff…become that which steals from us the never-to-be-returned precious moments with family, friends, the tree, the ocean…

When we sacrifice to anything other than the sacred we are stealing pieces of us…the gems of our essential sovereign self…and using them as bargaining chips for the cost of that which makes us whole.

Not separate from…when we steal from family time, from the beach walk with your lover and your dog…from Earth, from the Oceans..we become bankrupt, desiccated shells posturing as life. And in the process, access to the sacred as the ground that holds us, nourishes us…regenerates all life.

December 1st 2019

Photo taken December 1st, 2019