Safe is the biggest delusion we need to shatter into a million pieces

Remember the times when you suddenly became aware that you had everything backwards. Equivalents of…

The Earth wasn’t flat. The Sun did not revolve around our ‘Center of the Universe Earth’, our pale blue dot. Invisible microbes called bacteria were what caused so much death in the first hospitals and sterilised environments needed to be in place.

If the world of 2020 is teaching us anything at all it is that we know so little about so much, even those with advanced degrees.

We have no idea the long term consequences of a little virus, its effects on the human body it has inhabited, or the precessional consequences of our way of life for years to come. 

We know that almost across the entire world of Nation states, the remit of a government to increase the wellbeing of their citizens is with rare exception, failing and has been for some decades. 

That the Earth has a fever that requires everyone to do their bit to cool.

That no matter the good intention, poverty is not going down.

On this glorious Saturday morning, we might take the time to question assumptions and sacred cows that few question. 

Our modern governments and educators profit from being conformity enforcers. A population of vanilla, same same, don’t ask questions, don’t rock the boat, sanitised, legally medicated people are desired.

But life is at the edge. Always has been, always will be. Safe is the biggest delusion we need to shatter into a million pieces.

Edge is risky. It is constantly shifting. It is also vital. Dynamic. 

Arise the rebels. The activists. Those who challenge the assumptions. Question the questions. Dare to be naive. Dare to step fully into the arena that says we can and will do better. 

It will require every one of us. To turn to the world we yearn for. To consider, comprehensively, how to create new models and new maps that dignify the whole of life and Earth.

Dare with me? 

Photo taken June 27th, 2020