Saying yes to what we know is right

Is not easy. It means we have to come out from behind a space that has felt safe.

It means we might expose ourselves to trolls.

It asks us to be bigger than our egoic self. To care more about something other than what people might think, and being liked. Or being safe. Or small and unnoticed.

It will, in the action of saying yes, bring up countless reasons why no might be a better option.

Our bones say yes.

Our marrow says YES.

Our soul says yes.

(The discernment of the still quiet voice of our own truth is not always easy – and might be confused with a thousand other voices that speak in our head.)

When we dishonour our own truth we begin to dismantle self-regard. Self-care. Self-love. And like a neglected building, before long we become rubble.

July 4th 2018

Photo Taken December 21st 2014


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