🔍 Searching for Truth and Integrity as a Matter of Urgency 🚀

A simple proposition is put forward. It requires a majority to vote it in.

Political tactics take the simple and turn it into a monstrous complexity. This is a deliberate ploy to obfuscate the simplicity and instil fear.

Simple ideas and proposals in a complex world are rare. As such, it is easy to embed deep distrust into the simplicity. We, the people, have become so distrustful of our institutions and the people who lead them. Yet for this to happen, for this level of deception and corruption to happen, we must take a measure of responsibility.

I am not a political animal. I could not lie my way out of any situation. And it appears lying is essential to political life, including the argy-bargy of CEOs as they compete to become all-consuming monopolies. 

A quest of my life has been to seek truth. To know integrity. I used to think truth was simple. But, like most things, truth is contextual and nuanced.

The truth will set you free – but first, it might piss you off. Our current world is buried under the weight of garbage pretending to be true. People who shamelessly spout lies and half-truths without a care for consequence. And we, the people who allow this to happen.

I am currently reading Tyson Yunkaporta’s latest book, Right Story, Wrong Story. 

At times, it is a very difficult read for me, a settler in a colony. It is hard to face truths that I was never taught at school and that are still not taught in school. It is hard to face the cruelty and ignorant categorisation colonisers had and do inflict on the people who have lived in harmony on this land for 60,000 years.

In Syntropic World, we would use a different language for Right Story, Wrong Story. 

Right Story is when the Pattern Integrity of the person, the idea, the Story, the narrative, and the action – is aligned and harmonic with the Source of the Pattern Integrity.

There is no dissonance. No violation. No corruption of the Source through the expression of the Pattern Integrity. Integrity is the essence. 

Wrong Story is the violation between Source and expression. Wrong Story registers in the field, like pollutants that are now in every drop of water on the planet. 

Wrong Story in Syntropic World language is little atrocities – micro violations that accumulate when we ignore them, to become extinctive violations in time.

Here are a few examples.

*OpenAI stated at its founding (its Source) that its position and intention would remain OPEN Source. Open Source was not only its Pattern Integrity; it was also embedded in the name. 

To name – to nominate. To call into existence.

This Source position was violated when OpenAI was purchased. 

*If Christine says she will commit to doing something with you, and she doesn’t keep her commitment or inform you of the changed circumstances, this is a violation of Christine’s Pattern Integrity through a conscious act of commitment. We might consider it a little atrocity. It gets trickier because when I make a commitment, I am now in relationship. If I violate a commitment with you and you do not hold me to account, we are both out of integrity and in Wrong Story.

*If Christine says to herself that she will commit to doing something – and she fails in her commitment to self – this also violates her Pattern Integrity. She might instead have said to herself – I would like to do this, but the truth is I will not. This second statement is coherent and aligned. The violation of a commitment to self is a Wrong Story.

All expressions of integrity are registered. Where, you ask? Great question. In the field, the space between relationships, the transcontextual space. That same field from which we pull a word we are searching for.

Just as all expression of integrity violations are registered in the same field. 

Violations of Pattern Integrity carry a charge, and the charge accumulates over time. Violations move from infinitesimally small to explosively large. 

Tyson suggests that these violations are registered in the land. In the trees and sky, our waters, the plants and animals. I tend to agree with him. 

In other cultures like Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, this register is called Karma.

Heritable wisdom from many cultures agrees there is a register or record. 

I am contemplating all of these threads as I wonder how we can learn to distinguish Right Story, Wrong Story. 

Or in my language, how we know integrity and integrity violations.

Integrity – one – integer, to hold its shape.

Does the Story hold its shape? When we tell the Story, is there a dissonance, even the slightest ripple in the field? If we scan our body being, can we feel or sense a disturbance? Even a nano taste of something off or out of frequency. 

This type of high-frequency scanning requires sobriety, rest, health and freedom from toxic food, people and media.

The simple fact that many people wilfully or through ignorance distort the ability of their high-frequency tunable body being bodes poorly for integrity and Right Story.

Our body being is an instrument for receiving signals that leave our six senses as a poor facsimile of possibility.

We must attend to our instrument as a precious one. 

I consider mental health in this contemplation. 

Krishnamurti said that it is no measure of health to be well-adjusted in a sick environment.

We live on a planet where humans are intent on extinction. And not just from one domain but from so many. Rogue AI, synthetic biology, climate catastrophe, war, famine, flood, fire. 

To know these things and not be mired in depression and darkness occasionally is unhealthy.

Our wrong story register is reaching an explosive reset—a catastrophic one.

I return to my question. How do we know the difference between Right Story, Wrong Story? 

We must want to know with our whole being. This means we must be willing to be deeply uncomfortable and wrong or realise we have been wrapped in a spell of delusion, conspiracy and pseudoscience.

We must be impeccable with our integrity. 

When our spider senses prickle, when we are asked to be silent, or step back, or watch, or agree to something that leaves a residue of nasty in our being, when our horns of righteousness appear, when we are not moving towards Syntropy – more love, joy, beauty, compassion, kindness and grace – then we are in danger. 

Little atrocities move to bigger ones quickly. Once we have bitten the apple of deceit, the poison has its way with us. The second lie comes quickly and easily.

Maintaining integrity is a daily, moment-by-moment choice. We will make mistakes, which are okay so long as we claim them, learn from them and do not repeat them. 

Too often, our shame and embarrassment prevent us from owning our mistakes. The cost to our status and prestige appears unbearable. I appeal to you, have it become unbearable.

We must find time to unplug, unhook, unknow. To sit with the trees, be in the water. Watch ants, birds, dolphins. To calibrate our frequency with the frequency of life. You cannot do that easily in a cement jungle.

We must be prepared to discover we have been wrapped in a Wrong Story myth for some time. The signs of this are everywhere. Nasty on nasty, hate on hate, negative on negative, blame on blame, obfuscation, deception, an intractable position on things – the immovable block. Refusal to consider – to be with the stars. Notice these things in your world, in yourself. Pay exquisite attention, and if you discover any of these taking space in your body being, know an excavation is required.

A simple proposition was put forward. Incredibly simple. It was not deceptive. It came from Right Story/integrity/holding its shape crafted in collaboration by many. It was delivered with integrity as a request to the integrity of others to honour it.

But our world is in a pandemic of Wrong Story, lack of integrity, and the inability to know integrity.

Brokenhearted, in deep despair for humanity, for my fellows sharing this land, for our life and future, I went and spent time with the whales. 

I had to find something that gave me a thread of hope. 

The whales are still working their magic.