As someone who has worked for nearly 20 years in leadership development I simply love Cindy’s work. We first met in Sydney several years ago where I was impressed by the beautiful articulation Cindy has around her work with Spiritual Intelligence that only comes through years of atunement, refinement and profound commitment. Spiritual Intelligence is an intelligence whose time has come.

If you are remotely interested in your own development as a leader, a human being, a lover, parent or entrepreneur, then the work of SQ is something to consider.


Cindy Wigglesworth, President, Deep Change

Cindy Wigglesworth, MA is the author of the best-selling and award-winning book SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence (SelectBooks, 2012)

Her SQ21 spiritual intelligence self-assessment has created a validated and diversity-appropriate way of having spiritual conversations in the workplace. John Mackey, co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, calls her SQ approach “the next frontier in leadership.”

Cindy founded her business, now called Deep Change, in 2000 after working at ExxonMobil for 20 years in Human Resources management. She teaches leadership development and focuses on the multiple intelligences required for success in our personal and professional lives.

Cindy has spoken at numerous conferences including: TEDx Sonoma County, TEDx Lower East Side, Conscious Capitalism, Integral Leadership in Action, Business and Consciousness, Spirit in Business, Spirit at Work and the World Business Academy. Cindy has appeared on Oprah, PBS, Fox26 News and numerous radio programs and conferences. Her blog can be found on the Huffington Post.

 Show notes

*Spiritual Intelligence = The ability to behave with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace regardless of the situation.

*Will we grow up fast enough to solve all the problems we have created?

*From white picket fence to Bombay aged 6.

*What does it mean to be a good human being?

*For Cindy the personal and global have been married since the beginning.

*”If I just studied hard enough I would find something that would help me figure this all out.”

*How grown up are we? Can we handle the complexity of the systems in which we are embedded?

*Overdeveloped IQ, thinking this would solve all problems. “We get that you are really smart, however you are somewhat annoying to be around.”

*Listening to people is a radically good idea.

*As the who that she was changed her leadership changed and she became far more effective, yet she was doing none of the usual expert self stuff. No longer able to tell people, “Here is the solution.”

*The difference between a facilitative leader versus a more traditional one.

*What if I came in with not knowing?

*How do human beings grow up?

*How have the noblest people, like the Nelson Mandela’s and Gandhi’s got to the place of humility? It’s not that they are perfect. It’s not that they have zero ego, which is probably not attainable.

*Is my ego running my life or is my higher self running my life?

*The ego grows up as it expands the circle of concern for others, from little me, to me and my family, to me and my family and my city, to me, my family, my city, and my nation…to the whole world and all sentient beings.

*Each time a layer of ego is peeled off it feels like your skin is raw.

*Talk about the skills and stay away from beliefs.

*Spirituality defined as an innate human need to be connected to something larger than our selves.

*Religion is the structure we create as human beings to help us in support of our spiritual hunger.

*An intelligence is an innate potential that is brought into form through practice. (for example, musical ability needs practice.)

*Spiritual Intelligence is a set of skills that is something more than IQ and EQ, that distinguishes these exemplars that we keep pointing to. (Nelson Mandela etc) What makes Gandhi different from a person you really like that has outstanding interpersonal skills? There is something more. This is spiritual intelligence.

*Aware of your ego self and higher self and choosing to live with your higher self in charge. If you are not interested in either of these two things then SQ is not for you.

*The four intelligences of leadership. Physical, Emotional, IQ, and Spiritual Intelligence

*Holding multiple perspectives simultaneously is a sign of high SQ.



*Deep Change, Spiritual Intelligence

*Cindy’s TEDx talks as hosted on TEDx sites: and here.

*OR you can see THEM ON YOUTUBE where Cindy gets credit for views. And here.

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