My guest is Jonathan Jay. We met in 2001 in Chicago and have been friends since. Jonathan knows his strengths in business. He loves the game of business, how to build and grow businesses. He is extraordinary at marketing. He also has a really good heart. He is generous and kind. One day a few years ago when I was struggling, he sent me a package of all the materials that comprised his product, as a gift. (Sent from the UK to Australia no less.) When my daughter was ending her gap year European tour, and found herself broke in London, Jonathan took her in. He was the typical bachelor at that stage and Natalie tells me that what was in his fridge was so far passed its used by date it was cultivating other species. She had to go hungry for a little longer. Fortunately for the many people who have benefited from Jonathan’s work he sticks to business and not domestic pursuits.

Please enjoy this episode.



Jonathan Jay has run his own businesses from the age of 19 and sold two of them, the first when he was 26 and the most recent in 2007 for c£5 million pounds. His current business employs 25 staff in SW London and is the UK market leader provider of marketing services to small businesses with 60,000 members.

Jonathan’s previous company turned over a million pounds in the first year and made a million pounds net a few years later. He has advising companies on marketing since 1999 as he is considered expert on the subject as a result of his business track record.

He has written five books, the first in 2003, all on marketing. He has presented TV shows for BBC2 and a business show called ‘Now I’m The Boss” and commented on business and marketing on BBC Breakfast, CNBC News and Sky News. He has been a guest on over 25 radio shows.

At the Business Start Up Show, for five consecutive years he headlined on the main stage and appeared on a Dragon’s Den style panel with Peter Jones from the TV show and at another event with Duncan Bannatyne.

He has been featured in The Sunday Times (as a marketing expert), The Financial Times (as entrepreneur of the week), The Observer (where his company was cited as the number one in its field in the UK), The Daily Mail and The Daily Express – all very positively.

He regularly is the guest entrepreneur at Young Enterprise awards ceremonies where he lectures and awards the prizes. He has run marketing seminars where he has donated over £10,000 to Great Ormond Street Hospital in entrance fees.

Mr Jay is an accomplished businessman and marketing expert who always speaks from experience. In 2010 he was the top European in an international competition to find the Marketer of the Year, held in Atlanta USA.

Show notes

*Work may start to define you…a bad day at work may then affect everything

*Do you have a clear definition between work and the rest of your life?

*When people start a business they often think that the business is going to liberate them, yet it might end up having them on a bigger hamster wheel than the one they left

*First business card aged 12 years old

*Stage performance taught him how to not be afraid to be on stage, how to market himself and the value of focused work

*When you create friction in the market place, ruffling a few feathers, you might be doing something right

*Flaw – swapping time for money

*How can I construct something that works when I am not there?

*Didn’t feel like he was failing, rather…he learned to morph things into something else

*Overnight everything changed

*From zero to a million pounds revenue in 12 months…

*Another pile of final demands…printed in red ink…what kept him focused when this was happening?

*The deep down believe that he was better than the evidence that was presented to him

*”I have complete belief in my ability to succeed, I didn’t allow myself the opportunity of failing”

*Successful personality – positive, resilient, don’t take things personally

*Important to have a life outside of work

*No correlation between the number of hours you work and the success of your business

*Most business owners don’t focus on doing the right things

*Can I do something bigger and better than the last thing?

*It’s so much about mindset

*I love the feeling of being able to conquer my doubts and fears

*It’s a bit of a game. If you take it too seriously it can be damaging

*Mastery of the art of business, not about being right and perfect, but being prepared

*If something doesn’t go according to plan…move on quickly

*The better you are at solving problems and making decision the better you will be at business

*Every problem has a solution

*The more he focuses on the personal stuff the better he is finding work

*The people who can disengage from their business are the ones doing better

*Get other people to do what you are not good at, work your strengths

*The Virgin group didn’t become successful because they have a great filing system

*DOA = delegate, outsource, automate



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